Some of the world’s most famous YouTubers visited Pembrokeshire last week, filming a video called ‘Sidemen $100,000 vs $100 theme park.’

Three members of the Sidemen, comprising of several famous YouTubers, visited Oakwood Theme Park, which (unsurprisingly) was the $100 theme park.

Three other members of the group visited Thorpe Park, and had the entire theme park to themselves to enjoy, while Sidemen members Simon, Tobi and Harry drove from London to Oakwood.

When the group first arrived at Oakwood, they compared it to an apocalyptic film, but got into the spirit of the video and went on most of the rides.

During their time at the theme park, the three YouTubers went on rides such as Megafobia, Speed and Snake River Falls.

Milford Mercury: The three YouTubers at Snake River Falls. Picture: SidemenThe three YouTubers at Snake River Falls. Picture: Sidemen

While the other team enjoyed an empty Thorpe Park, the Oakwood trio had a full theme park, with many people recognising them as the video went on.

At the end of the video, Simon said: “I think we were the bad team, but we had a good day. It was alright. The rides were decent, it was nice and sunny.

“Five hours here… was it worth it? Probably not. We’ve got five hours back now.”

To see the full video of their trip to Pembrokeshire, visit

Milford Mercury: Harry 'enjoying' the toboggan. Picture: SidemenHarry 'enjoying' the toboggan. Picture: Sidemen

Milford Mercury: The three on Megafobia. Picture: SidemenThe three on Megafobia. Picture: Sidemen