The latest crime statistics have shown that nearly 250 crimes were reported in Milford Haven within the space of a month, according to

As per the latest statistics, there was a total of 241 crimes reported in the town in one month, compared to 232 the month prior, accumulating to 473 crimes reported in Milford Haven across two months.

The most common type of offence was violence and sexual offences, which added up to 105 of the 241 crimes reported (43.5 per cent).

Meanwhile, 38 of the crimes reported were public order offences, while 24 were criminal damage and arson, and 23 were anti-social behaviour offences.


Other crimes reported included shoplifting, theft and drug offences.

In the north ward of Milford Haven, crime doubled in the space of a month, with 34 crimes reported in the latest month, compared to 17 the previous.