A Pembrokeshire photographer is putting a shout out for body positive models for an empowering photoshoot later this month.

The photos from the Body Positive Pembrokeshire project will feature in Pembrokeshire Online magazine and the project is currently looking for people of all shapes and sizes to take part in a boudoir-style photoshoot on Thursday, July 21.

The project is being organised by Sian Phillips. Sian found out about boudoir photography via the internet and that inspired her idea for the project.

She started taking her own photos and the more she took the more confident she felt and thought that this idea could benefit others.

She has arranged for a boudoir style photo shoot with the final pictures to be featured in Pembrokeshire Online and in an exhibition at HaverHub.


“In these modern times with social media influencing a large number of people, sometimes we forget who we actually are and how to be happy and love ourselves from top to toe, from the outside to the inside,” said Sian.

“Whoever we are we need to love our bodies, curves and all. We should never be influenced by other people's opinions, especially negative ones, we are all individual and unique in our own way and should be proud of who we are.”

Sian says the benefits of a boudoir photoshoot can be feeling confident about your body, feeling empowered and letting the camera reveal ‘that body positive attitude that you know is inside you, waiting to get out’.

If you would like to take part in the boudoir photoshoot on Thursday 21st July 2022 from 10am please get in touch with Sian by Monday, July 18.

Sian can be contacted by emailing sianwalker30@gmail.com.