Readers have made their opinions known after it was announced that Pembrokeshire County Council had approved an application to build a McDonald’s in Milford Haven.

It will see the former Sartori Home Furnishings building demolished and a two-storey 24-hour McDonald’s built in its place at Havens Head Retail Park.

Harry Heath Fairbairn commented on the Western Telegraph Facebook page, saying: “We have enough places to eat already, and it will hit the small independent cafes along the marina.

"Also, if it ends up being anything like Haverfordwest, the traffic will be manic in that area.”

Sean Carreras said: “Pembrokeshire's name will be fastfoodshire instead of Pembrokeshire.

"Why not invest in actual shops or industries that Pembrokeshire actually needs?”

Gavin O’Connor agreed, adding the impact that it will have on the health of the community, saying: “Aren’t people eating already enough prefabricated unhealthy, greasy, high-calorie stuff?

"Is another place like that really needed? Teach kids healthy tasty cooking and places like that had do close down, instead of expanding.”


In the application, McDonald’s said that jobs to the area was one of the main positives of coming to Milford Haven.

Craig Littlehales said: “At the end of the day, McDonald’s will create stable jobs. And it will bring more people to the town, instead of them going to Pembroke Dock or Haverfordwest.

"Milford would be a ghost town if it was up to some people, all because they can’t accept change.”

Terry Miller said: “No one complained when Costa was built on the other side of the road. I see more jobs created and one less building sitting there doing nothing.”

Some people argued that Pembrokeshire should have more than a handful of fast-food chains.

Kat Cullen said: “Do we really need another McDonald’s? If it’s got to be fast food, how about something we don't already have, like Burger King, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays?”