Pembrokeshire has been named as the cheapest place in the UK for beachgoers to park their car, according to a recent study.

The study, conducted by Scrap Car Comparison, looked at the best places for beachgoers to enjoy a full day at the beach, without spending too much on their parking.

Across the whole of the UK, the first and second spot on the list for cheapest all-day parking at the beach are both located in Pembrokeshire.

At £1.50, Milford Haven was named as the number one, ahead of Fishguard in second at £2.

The top five are completed by Gourock in Scotland and then Hornsea and Roker in England.

On the other side, Brighton was named the UK beach destination where it was the most expensive to park, coming in at £32.95.

Milford Haven was also named the fifth cheapest place to park a car at the beach for just one hour, at 50p.

Lympstone in England topped the hour-long parking list, with a price of 40p.


A spokesperson from Scrap Car Comparison said: “Summer is considered one of the best times of year for many drivers - with better weather making driving much more pleasant, and the longer days and warmer temperatures making road trips to the seaside all the more tempting.

“However, parking costs should be considered before heading off, as when coupled with the other rising costs of driving such as fuel, a day out at the seaside can end up costing much more than expected.

“If you’re planning a day out, why not group up with some other friends to split the cost or try and find alternative transport or parking options to help keep costs down.

“Mapping out your journey in the summer months, and ensuring you’re adequately prepared for driving in hot weather will also help to reduce any stress, and help you have a fun day out!”