A Pembrokeshire man with an ‘extraordinary spirit’, a ‘zest for life’ and an ‘insatiable appetite for love’ has died following a bike accident in Bali.

James Criddle sustained serious injuries last Friday, July 15, following a bike accident on the island where he lived.

James underwent an intensive seven-hour operation relieve the pressure on his brain and remained in an induced coma while the hospital’s medical team monitored and drained his bleed.

It was hoped that once his condition stabilised, he would have further surgery to replace the bone that was initially removed from his skull in order to relieve the pressure from his brain.

However, his family announced yesterday that James had not survived his injuries and died on July 21.

“It transpired that along with the injuries previously detailed, he had also sustained 25 fractures to his skull,” said a family update.

“While his Mum and Dad were en-route to be by his side, they were informed that his kidneys had started to fail caused by an infection and [he] needed an urgent operation.

“He was taken down to surgery, but while they were working on him, he suffered a cardiac arrest and despite the efforts of the medical team to keep him alive, they were not able to do so.”

The family remembered James as: “A funny, generous, kind and most of all remarkable soul who had an astonishing love of life and lived it to the full.”


They said that they did not believe in sympathy cards or lamenting but asked those who knew James to celebrate his life by sharing stories of the times they spent with him and also by helping to add to his legacy of experience and ‘paying it forward’.

They added that James’ body would remain in Bali but that there would be an event in Pembrokeshire to celebrate his life.

“We have made the decision not to have a traditional ‘funeral’ – nothing about James was traditional or ordinary and we would like to honour his life in a manner that benefits his zest for life and his Insatiable appetite for love,” they said.

“We will shortly be organising and sharing details of a celebration of his life that all those that knew and loved him can attend”

A gofundme page that was initially set up to cover James’ medical costs, and has currently raised more than £11,000, will now be used to help celebrate his life and further his legacy.

The page has been renamed the James Criddle Foundation and it is hoped that donations will help the most vulnerable in society, especially the homeless and underprivileged and those who suffer from mental health difficulties caused by living on the streets.

“We would encourage you to honour his memory in this way by continuing to contribute,” they said.

“Although James is no longer of this world, his extraordinary spirit will live on in every act of kindness that we perpetuate and happy memory we share.”

To donate to the James Criddle Foundation, click here.