What a whopper! Standing at 10 foot seven inches could this be Pembrokeshire’s tallest sunflower?

The superlative sunflower was planted by Western Telegraph Reader Darren Tucker and his young son.

It has shot up, climbing above the heads of Darren’s family and up past the first scaffolding platform they currently have outside their house.

Milford Mercury:

Darren said that there was no green fingered secret to producing such a huge Helianthus annuus (the Latin name for sunflower).

“My son planted a seed in a small pot and we put it in the kitchen window,” he said.

“Once it was a meter tall we planted it outside and let nature take over, watering occasionally when needed.

“It currently stands at 10ft 7inch and the head still hasn't flowered yet.”

Have you grown a sunflower taller than Darren’s three metre marvel? If so we would love to hear from you in the comments below.