Due to popular demand, the deadline to register for the Newsquest Young Reporter Scheme has been extended until Friday, November 10.

The exciting scheme, which offers journalistic experience on an international platform, is open to students in school years 10 to 13 and gives young people a chance to write about the topics that matter to them and their community.

Every article written by the students is published on Newsquest websites, giving them the chance to build a portfolio of published work they can use for their CVs and UCAS applications.

Nothing out there compares to the Young Reporter Scheme which provides amazing opportunities to students.

For more information about the scheme or to register your interest, visit youngreporter.co.uk/registration.

Helen-Claire Burt, who runs the scheme at Christ’s Hospital School in Sussex, said: “We have been delighted to work with the Young Reporter Scheme this year.

“Our pupils received guidance, training and experience publishing articles as well as seeing first-hand the work journalists do.”

Mel Avery, from Keswick School in Cumbria, added: “Our students set up and ran their own Young Reporter after-school club, writing and compiling their articles independently.

“It was lovely for them to work independently and in the manner of real-life journalists, creating and adding to their portfolios, which are vital for their future career paths.”

The scheme, which launched in 2008, has benefitted thousands of students and continues to grow as schools see the benefits it can provide.

Victoria Gale, from Kingdown School in Wiltshire, said: “The Young Reporter Scheme has been extremely rewarding for our students.

“Meeting deadlines whilst doing their schoolwork has been the most challenging part, but this has enabled them to get a ‘real life’ experience of the world of journalism, as well as the rewards of seeing their stories in an online newspaper. 

“They’ve definitely grown in confidence and developed so many skills throughout the process – we look forward to doing the Scheme again this year.” 

Jack Mallinson, from Townley Grammar School in Kent, added: “The Young Reporter Scheme allows students to find their own voice, experience the importance of deadlines, and share the stories that speak to them in a manageable and professional manner.

“Organising this scheme for the first year, allowed me to build excellent relationships with my pupils outside of regular lessons as they grew in confidence and writing proficiency.

“At a time when news is becoming more and more polarising, it is imperative that we are encouraging the next generation to be a part of this sphere and a force for change.”