Guinness World Record Holder and bubble maestro, Ray, is set to bring 'The Ultimate Bubble Show' to the Torch Theatre this March.

Specialising in the art of Bubbleology, Ray's high-energy performance engages audiences in his fun and interactive bubble game.

He said: "The show is based on a computer game with 10 levels (and some bonus levels). All the levels must be completed to earn the title of the bubble master!"

Ray will delight the Milford Haven audience with a variety of glossy creations including a volcano bubble, soap bubble carousel and a tornado inside a bubble.

The skilful bubble illusionist is always improving, stating: "I must practice a lot because, like most things, practice makes perfect!

"It also helps me develop new tricks and ideas."

The bubbly spectacle lands on the Torch stage on March 31 at 2pm.

For a family-friendly day of popping fun, snap up your tickets now at the Torch Theatre's website or 01646 695267.