THERE'S the possibility that a popular Pembrokeshire attraction could hear the patter of tiny sloth claws with the introduction of a breeding male to the family.

Folly Farm recently welcomed two-year-old Nova to its sloth family with the hope that a sloth nursery could soon be on the horizon. The number of Sloth’s at the award-winning adventure park and zoo now totals four.

A Linne's two toed sloth, Nova has arrived from Hamerton Park Zoo in Cambridgeshire, as part of the European Breeding Programme for the species.

Watch the video below of the cute sloth

He was born to parents Vee and Snuffles in November 2021, and as a young male, he has joined young female Button, who arrived at the zoo last Summer.

The two new arrivals make a breeding pair, so, the pitter patter of tiny, two-toed claws could be within Folly Farm’s reach in the coming years.

Milford Mercury: Nova has taken well to his new home.

Nova and Button have been getting acquainted in the Sloth Forest exhibit within Tropical Trails, where they will reside alongside a variety of rare and beautiful birds.

In typical sloth fashion, their union is very much taken at a slow and steady pace. Sloths reach sexual maturity between three and five years old, and with both youngsters currently being just two years old – keepers may have to be patient for a while yet.

Watch the video below of the cute sloth

But to potentially welcome the next generation of sloths as a breeding centre for the species in the future is a very exciting prospect for species – and for the award-winning zoo.

“We’re so excited to have welcomed a breeding pair of sloths at the zoo within such a short space of time as part of a managed breeding programme,” said Folly Farm zookeeper Kim Cartwright.

“Nova has settled into his new home really well and seems pretty chilled, enjoying some sweet potato treats and regular naps.

“He’s already met our breeding female Button and we’re keeping everything crossed that he’ll be her ‘Casa-Nova’ – and we’ll be welcoming some sloth cubs in the future!”

Sloth keeper at Hamerton, Cathy Evans added: “Nova has very much inherited the best of both his parents, with mum Vee's good looks and dad Snuffle's easy-going nature.

“He's been a firm favourite with visitors and keepers whilst he's lived here at the park, especially as he often enjoyed napping on his feed dish at the front of the enclosure right on view.

“This lovely character will be missed by his keepers but we are delighted to hear he's settling into his new home well and we wish him and Button all the best in their future pairing.”

Folly Farm is also home to elderly sloth residents Tuppee and Lightcap who are enjoying their twilight years in their more peaceful enclosure in Tropical Trails, away from the youngsters.

Tuppee is around 30 years old and Lightcap is one of the oldest sloths in European zoos at around 41 years old. So not only is the zoo providing care for the older residents at its sloth ‘retirement home’, it’s hoping this new breeding pair will bring a new lease of life into Tropical Trails with a ‘sloth nursery’ for the species.

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