A ‘CONCERNING’ rise in fuel prices since late January this year has been revealed by The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and our friends at Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch have noticed the pennies adding on this week.

According to the RAC, the authority reported a decrease in fuel costs between October 2023 and late January this year, but since then prices have been on the increase again.

This is something that has been noted by Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch, which says that this week prices have risen in many of the county’s filling stations.

"There's lots of rising prices this week,” says the group’s weekly report of the top ten places in Pembrokeshire to refuel.

“There's a few pence here and there, but even those hurt when you have to fill up.

"Most probably [it is because of] the rise in the price of crude oil a few weeks ago."

Top ten cheapest garages for petrol and diesel this Easter weekend

Top Ten Petrol Standard Unleaded E10

No. 1 - 138.7p- Victoria Filling Station, Milford.

No. 2 - 138.9p- Tesco, Milford Haven.

No. 3 - 140.7p- Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 4 - 140.9p-Tesco, Pembroke Dock.

No. 5 - 141.9p- Crossways, Neyland ; Green Garage, Pembroke; Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 6 - 142.9p- Robeston Wathen; East Gate, Narberth; Crymych.

No. 7 - 143.9p- Lamphey; Ocean Haze, St Davids; FiveWays, Tenby.

No. 8 - 144.9p- Llanteg; Pelcomb; Tesco, Haverfordwest; Morrisons, Haverfordwest; Johnston.

No. 9 - 145.9p- Llandewi Velfrey; Begelly/Kilgetty; Pentlepoir, Services; Pentlepoir, The Old Pump; Texaco Garage, Withybush.

No. 10 - 149.9p; Goodwick Parrog.

Top Ten Standard Diesel B7 in Pembrokeshire

No. 1 - 146.9p- Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 2 - 147.7p- Victoria Filling Station, Milford.

No. 3 - 147.9p- Begelly/Kilgetty; Crymych.

No. 4 - 148.9p- Tesco, Milford Haven; FiveWays, Tenby.

No. 5 - 149.9p- Robeston Wathen; Tesco, Pembroke Dock ; Crossways, Neyland ; Green Garage, Pembroke.

No. 6 - 150.7p- Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 7 - 151.9p- Lamphey, Murco; Pentlepoir, Services.

No. 8 - 152.9p- Llandewi Velfrey; East Gate, Narberth ; Ocean Haze, St Davids; Pentlepoir, The Old Pump.

No. 9 - 153.9p- Pelcomb; Tesco, Haverfordwest; Morrisons, Haverfordwest; Texaco Garage, Withybush; Johnston.

No. 10 - 154.9p- Llanteg.

This week’s highest price 158.9p - Goodwick