She was born in Tennessee, but her roots are apparently in Tenby!

American country singing sensation Dolly Parton is laying claim to Welsh ancestry, it is being reported today.

The 78-year-old star’s mother’s ancestors are said to have hailed from the Pembrokeshire resort.

If this proves to be correct, it would put Dolly as the first country singer in a line-up of Tenby notables, including mathematician Robert Recorde, who founded the equals sign; Bohemian artist Augusts John and feisty thespian Kenneth Griffith.

The 9 to 5 singer’s niece, Jada Star, has told The Sun that her aunt had traced her DNA to Wales.

She said: "Dolly is releasing a four-part docu-series about our roots and where we come from. There’ll be lots of footage from over there."

The Sun claimed:  "Dolly and her family will visit the valleys — with its rich singing tradition — in a TV special out next year."

As there have been no reported sightings of the Parton entourage in Pembrokeshire, there could indeed be some confusion over Dolly's ancestors' location.

But there is a surname that could give a clue to Dolly's possible Pembrokeshire connections.

Back in 2008, during a concert at the Cardiff International Arena, she told WalesOnline: 

"Some of my mother's people, the Owens, are from there (Wales).

"I've been there about three times and it always feels good because it feels like family... Many years ago we took a little tour there because some of my mother’s people are from Wales."