The sight of giant cruise ships in the bay is becoming more and more common at a Pembrokeshire port renowned for its unique welcome.

Fishguard Port is welcoming a total of 26 cruise ships this year with the season running from May until early September.

So far the Maud, the Deutschland, the Hebridean Sky and the Silver Dawn have all dropped anchor at Fishguard, with passengers receiving a warm welcome from Fishguard’s outgoing and incoming mayors and the award-winning Fishguard Friendly Faces.

The number of cruise ships this year is slightly down on last year’s 36 vessels. In 2022 Fishguard Port hosted 23 ships and in 2021 post-Covid 15 ships came into port. Fishguard has been welcoming cruise ships to the port since 2015.

Passengers coming ashore are greeted with music, markets, warm welcomes, Welsh cakes and goodie bags.

The Fishguard Friendly Faces, are on hand with smiles, welcome bags and to help with any requests, even booking taxis for visitors who want to venture off the excursion route.

Once alighted the cruise passengers can choose from a variety of excursions, with Tenby and St Davids being popular favourites.

Those who want to stay closer to port benefit from free shuttle buses up into Fishguard where they enjoy visiting the Last Invasion Tapestry, local museum Ein Hanes, St Mary’s Church and the shops, restaurants and pubs.

Passenger feedback is always that Fishguard and Goodwick have a great sense of community with everybody being friendly and welcoming.

“Our first ships of the season have enjoyed great weather and the renowned Fishguard Friendly Faces welcome,” said Jana and Alex of Fishguard Bay Wecome.

“With another 20 plus ships to visit this season we are looking forward to another busy season at Fishguard Port.”