A Pembrokeshire photographer’s work has been featured in enormous posters on the Paris Metro in the run up to this summer’s Olympic Games.

Eva Watkins from Saundersfoot took a series of photos of an inland synchronised swimming team as part of her final degree project.

When she took the stunning shots, little did she expect to see them a few years later as giant four metre posters in Paris’ Metro stations, an experience she said was amazing and surreal.

(Image: Eva Watkins)

Eva, who developed her passion for photography at Pembrokeshire College, now lives in London where she works as a dark room technician, although she says she come back to Pembrokeshire as often as possible.

The series of swimmer photos captured a group of synchronised swimmers who practised in pond near Bristol. As a lover of cold-water swimming Eva knew the subject matter was right up her street.

(Image: Eva Watkins)

Instead of capturing the swimmers in the water she aimed to position the swimmers out of the water in ways that suggested synchronised swimming, creating shapes on dry land.

She also wanted to represent how the swimmers supported one another both in the sport and in an emotional sense.

(Image: Eva Watkins)

The photos were picked up by French photography magazine, fisheye, and from there Eva was asked if the images could be used in Paris to promote the Olympics.

“It was very surreal,” said Eva. “I was at work when I opened the email and I just thought ‘oh my gosh’.”

Giant posters of Eva’s photos adorned the walls of the Paris Metro for four months and Eva took a long weekend trip to the capital to see them.

(Image: Eva Watkins)

“It was amazing to see them. It all felt surreal despite seeing it in person,” she said.

Eva credits Pembrokeshire College with giving her an excellent start in photography.

“It was fantastic,” she said. “The tutors introduced me to film and analogue photography. They were absolutely incredible.

“They helped me understand what it was like to work on specific projects. I was in the darkroom all day. They couldn’t keep me out.”

Eva is returning to her Pembrokeshire roots for her next project which will explore the lives of Ukranian refugees and the similarities between Ukranian and Welsh culture. To see more of her work, visit evawatkins.co.uk.