The work of a Pembrokeshire conservation charity has been showcased on a BAFTA nominated TV series celebrating the beauty and brilliance of Wales.

Goodwick-based Sea Trust was featured on ITV’s popular Coast and Country last Friday, the programme is still available on ITV’s catch up channel, ITV X .

The programme, which was filmed in April, sees presenter Ruth Dodsworth, formerly Ruth Wignall, strolling on Goodwick Breakwater, searching for marine life at low tide on Goodwick Sands and taking a tour of Sea Trust’s catch and release Sea Mor aquarium.

Ruth interviews Sea Trust manager Nadia Tomsa, talking to her about the risks to Welsh marine wildlife.

She then visits the charity’s catch and release aquarium in Goodwick’s Ocean Lab where marine project officer Lloyd Nelmes gives her a tour of the tanks that showcase what is underneath the waves of Pembrokeshire.

(Image: ITV Coast & Country)

Ruth is impressed by sea anemones that glow under UV light and the UK’s biggest squat lobster.

Both Lloyd and Nadia explain that educating people to Pembrokeshire’s myriad of marine wildlife is an essential step in protecting it.

Ruth then goes on a seashore safari with Nadia and Sea Trust’s university placement students.

Even though the tide is way out they make all sorts of exciting discoveries, including a common blenny and a baby green shore crab.

“The filming showcased some of Pembrokeshire’s fantastic local marine life and discussed how Sea Trust works to protect it,” said Sea Trust’s Nadia.

You can watch the Sea Trust Coast and Country episode on ITV X, linked above.