Labour have won the new seat of Mid and South Pembrokeshire, candidate Henry Tufnell ending Conservative Stephen Crabb’s 19 years as an MP in the county.

The new seat has parts of the former Preseli Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire West and South Pembrokeshire; seats now no more after boundary changes.

They have both been held by Conservatives for many years; 2005 in the case of Preseli Pembrokeshire and 2010 in Carmarthenshire West and South Pembrokeshire, with the victories of Stephen Crabb and Simon Hart respectively.

Polls had predicted the new seat would be gained by Labour, with percentage figures of votes for candidate Henry Tufnell ranging from 33 per cent to as high as 50 per cent.

At the count held at Haverfordwest High School, Labour’s Henry Tufnell gained the new seat, with 16,505 votes to Conservative Stephen Crabb’s 14,627, with Reform’s Stuart Marchant taking third place with 7,828 votes.

Election results: 

Henry Tufnell (Labour): 16,505

Stephen Crabb (Conservative): 14,627

Stuart Marchant (Reform): 7,828

Cris Tomos (Plaid Cymru): 2,962

Alistair Cameron (Liberal Democrat): 2,372

James Purchase (Green Party): 1,654

Vusi Siphika (Independent): 427

Hanna Andersen (Women’s Equality Party): 254