A Milford Haven woman’s campaign for a clinical drugs trial is gathering momentum as her Downing Street petition has collected 10,000 signatures and a TV doctor has thrown his weight behind the fight.

Jayne Crocker and her partner Andrew Barnett both take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), a generic drug which is currently out of patent. It is only prescribed by around 200 doctors in the UK.

Jayne takes LDN for ulcerative colitis while Andrew uses it for secondary progressive MS. Both stress that the drug in not a miracle cure or a wonder drug but say that it has made a huge difference to the lives of people suffering from MS, cancer, HIV and AIDS and other auto-immune disorders.

“Before LDN I was crawling to my car and giving myself injections every week,” said Andrew.

“Within two weeks of first taking it I was up on my feet again.”

The couple believe that the drug will never be trialled by drug companies as it is cheap and they say it would not make the pharmaceutical companies enough profits.

They believe that the only way for the drug to be comprehensively trialled is with UK government funding. These trials would, they believe, make doctors aware of LDN and give them confidence to prescribe it.

The couple’s 10 Downing Street petition, which urges the Government to use NHS money for trials, is currently in the top 20 of all petitions submitted to the Downing Street website and is the fourth most popular health petition.

Their campaign also has the support of Dr Chris Steele from ITV’s This Morning programme who has made a video explaining LDN.

The petition closes on November 23rd.

“With only four weeks to go, we need to up our game and get 12,000 signatures,” said Jayne.

For more information on LDN and to view the petition go to www.ldnnow.com.