New car parking charges for Milford Haven have been given the go ahead ‘without a second thought’ to the hardship it will cause, pensioners living in the town have said.

Residents at the purpose-built Hanover Court complex for the over 60s in Robert Street, say they are very concerned that Pembrokeshire County Council has cancelled free allocated parking for the residents.

In a letter to the Milford Mercury Hanover Court residents wrote: “These parking spaces are essential for many of us who need to be able to park close to our homes.

“Many of us are unable to walk far and have a genuine need to be able to park as close as possible to make daily tasks such as shopping possible.”

The residents say they will now have to pay £150 a year for permits or £200 to reserve a parking bay.

“Financially this is going to be difficult if not impossible for some of us,” they added.

A county council spokesman said: “The council agreed to implement charges in the Robert Street car park following extensive consultation.

“Previously the Hanover Housing Association had an agreement with the former Preseli Pembrokeshire District Council to provide eight reserved spaces in the car park at Robert Street.

“We are not aware of any agreement that these spaces would be free.

“While there is no highway fronting most of Hanover Court, the council’s traffic section could investigate the possibility of introducing an on-street resident parking permit scheme on Robert Street, if there was sufficient demand.”

The Hanover Court residents said there had been no consultation with them regarding the parking charges and they had been given the green light “without a second thought to the people it will affect or the problems and hardships it will cause”.

Milford Haven mayor, Councillor Tony Eden, said he thought the charges were ‘disgraceful’ and would make sure the residents’ plight was raised at the next town council meeting.

“The council has surpassed itself this time,” said Cllr Eden.

“I will ensure that this issue is raised with the town council and we will support the residents in any way we can.”

Fellow town councillor John Roberts said: “It is terrible.

“Many of these people have to have a car to get about and now they will have to pay for the privilege.”

New car parking charges across the county were agreed by the county council last November and will be implemented in Robert Street, Market Square and Charles Street in Milford Haven, despite fierce opposition from the town council, local business