JUST a month after the second high-risk heart operation of his young life, Danny Evans-Critten has surprised everyone with the speed of his recovery.

Danny, born in April, suffers from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) a condition which affects just one in every 5000 babies. It means the left-hand side of his heart never fully developed.

Last month's date with surgeons was the second (of three) major operations to re-route blood through the right-hand side of his heart.

Danny's mum Claire Evans told the Merc: "The operation took place in Birmingham Children's Hospital on August 20 and it all went very well and Danny made a surprisingly quick recovery. We went home on Thursday August 28 and Danny is continuing to do well at home.

"He looks like there's nothing wrong at all now and his feeding is back to normal, he's getting bigger and stronger all the time."

It is not yet known when Danny will have the third operation but it is likely to be when he is between three and six years old. Danny will undergo regular check ups to determine the date of the next op.

Readers will remember that following Danny's diagnosis his family received crucial help from the charity Left Heart Matters.

Left Heart Matters provide a support, information and advice service to parents who feel isolated by their children's condition.

And on Sunday Claire and her sisters Joanne and Ceri Evans undertook the challenge of a 5km run in Birmingham to raise money for the charity. The Merc asked how the sisters had got on: " It went really well," said Claire. "I think we have raised at least £1000."

And were there some sore feet the next day? "Well, we woke up next morning and were a bit stiff but it wasn't too bad!"

The front page Mercury article on Danny last month has now kick-started a number of fundraising ideas with a charity concert, football match and fun day being considered. We will, of course, bring you details as soon as we have them.