TODAY Danny Evans-Critten is a typical toddler with a love of dinosaurs and noisy toys.

But just after his birth, two years ago, Danny was diagnosed with a rare and potentially life-threatening condition.

Danny suffers from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means the left-hand side of his heart never fully developed.

The condition affects just one in every 5000 babies.

Danny's parents Claire and David were left with the agonising choice of allowing him to die peacefully or opt for three high-risk operations that would give their young son a chance of life.

They decided to go for the operations and Danny first went under the knife at just four days old. A second date with surgeons followed when Danny reached five months.

Both operations were a success and Danny is now pretty much a normal bubbly toddler.

The third operation is scheduled for 2007 unless it becomes necessary earlier.

Mum Claire said: "He is a lively bright boy, active and able to lead a normal life. He loves fire engines and dinosaurs and loves playing his electric guitar and the drums, basically anything that makes a noise.

'When he does tire out due to his condition he just goes to sleep." Following Danny's diagnosis the family received vital information from the charity Little Hearts Matter.

And in the years since they have continued to provide links to other families as well as help and support.

Claire added: "We will be attending an open day on October 22 to meet up with other families and we will appreciate their help even more in the months approaching the third operation.

"As well as helping us hear from other families who have been through it, they give us help and support regarding the operation and aftercare. "At the moment Danny takes aspirin every day along with other medication. After the operation he will have to take warfarin. This means we will need to regularly check his blood to make sure he has the correct amount. Too much or too little can affect how his blood will coagulate.

Little Hearts Matter will offer us the support we need to be able to test Danny."

To thank Little Hearts Matter for all they have done for their family, Claire and David are organising a charity gig on Saturday October 29.

It will take place at the Queen's Hall, Narberth, and will feature One Room Down, Dogzuki, The Blims, Supergene and Twisted Faith.

Doors open at 8pm and tickets are £6, available from Creative Electronics, Terminal records and Game On in Haverfordwest, plus The Bridge Inn and Game On in Milford Haven.

A bus will be picking up in Milford Haven and Haverfordwest. Tickets for the bus are £4 and must be paid in advance. Up to date bus information can be found at or email for details.

A limited edition CD featuring all the bands playing on the night will also be produced and Have a Heart charity bands will also be on sale.