WORK to reduce noise pollution from a series of LNG tankers has been completed, but scepticism over the effectiveness of the action remains.

This week, a spokesman for South Hook LNG said a programme of silencer work on 14 ships regularly visiting the terminal had been completed.

“Seven of the ships within this programme have recently returned to South Hook and have produced extremely positive results,” she said.

She added that efforts have gone into the scheduling of chartered fleet, in order to minimise any potential disturbance to the community.

“South Hook has taken significant steps to address concerns of residents.”

In a released statement, the South Hook noise community group said they welcomed the work done on the vessels, but added: “It appears as if the upgraded vessels are visiting other terminals, while we have other vessels outside the programme visiting us that have caused significant noise issues.

“Currently, only four of the 14 vessels are on route or returning to Qatar following deliveries to Milford.”

The group said that since the terminal started operating, it has received 34 different vessels, but said less than half of them had been addressed in the silencer programme.

“We have had assurances that a ship rescheduling programme is to be implemented but it is to our disappointment that the upgraded vessels are not being dedicated to deliver cargo to South Hook.”

On Tuesday, the vessel Shagra was due to arrive at the terminal. The ship has twice before been registered as a statutory nuisance by Pembrokeshire County Council’s port health team.