THE jury in the trial of John William Cooper, the man accused of two notorious double murders, have visited his former home – said to be at the ‘epicentre’ of a string of serious crimes across Pembrokeshire.

The 12 men and women of the jury went to Cooper’s former home at St Mary’s Park, Jordanston where evidence boards were on display yesterday (Wednesday).

Cooper denies the murder of four people including brother and sister Helen and Richard Thomas who were found in the burned-out ruins of Scoveston Park in 1985, just over a mile from Jordanston.

Jurors were taken to the Thomases’ former home, now restored, earlier in the day.

They had previously heard disturbing evidence that Mr Thomas had suffered a “raking” shot from a 12-bore shotgun as he tried to escape his “merciless’’ executioner before being cornered and killed.

Mr Thomas’ sister was shot to the head before the mansion was set alight.

The prosecution says the culprit must be a local man with knowledge of the area.

On Tuesday, the jury had walked along the coastal path near Little Haven where the bodies of Peter and Gwenda Dixon were found hidden in dense undergrowth in June 1989.

The couple had been blasted with a shotgun at close range, the trial at Swansea Crown Court previously heard.

Police closed roads leading to the scenes while the jury, prosecution, defence, and the judge, Mr Justice John Griffiths, visited the sites.

The jury was told that the bodies were found after two police dog handlers were led to the scene by what was described as the “pungent smell of death”.

Markers indicting where the bodies lay were erected by police at the site reached by a temporary path leading from the main route.

The jury has also visited several cashpoints where Mr Dixon’s card and PIN number were used to extract money.

Cooper denies all charges, including further allegations of a rape and sexual assault near the Mount Estate, Milford Haven in 1996.

John WIlliam Cooper, aged 66, of Spring Gardens, Letterston, denies the murders of Richard and Helen Thomas in December 1985 and the murders of Peter and Gwenda Dixon in June 1989.

He also denies raping a 16 year-old girl in a field close to the Mount Estate, Milford Haven, on March 6, 1996, sexually assaulting her friend and trying to rob five teenagers of cash.

The trial continues.