A Milford Haven taxi driver was left spooked last week after an encounter on the same stretch of road where a phantom crash victim has reportedly been worrying motorists.

Steven Davies was returning to Milford Haven from a taxi run just after 11.30pm last Wednesday night when the figure, dressed in black 18th century costume with a white head scarf, ran in front of him on the A4076 at Steynton, forcing him to slam on his brakes.

Mr Davies, a driver for Kitty Cabs, said: “My headlights were on full beam and this figure just appeared on the white road line and ran straight across me down towards the farm lane.’ Paranormal investigators Pembrokeshire Beyond have opened a case file on the stretch of road after receiving a number of reports from worried motorists.

Mr Davies said he was left startled by the experience and was unaware of the recent publicity surrounding the reported paranormal sightings until he shared his experience with colleagues and family members .