A ROW has broken out between former Independent Group colleagues on Pembrokeshire County Council over accusations that a councillor was helping the opposition at the election.

Haverfordwest Cllr David Bryan, who stood down from the Independent Group to become an unaffiliated member following voting in May, has accused Cllr David Wildman of producing election leaflets for his opponent Byron Frayling.

Cllr Bryan retained his Priory seat with a large majority – 684 votes to 103.

Cllr Bryan was an Independent Group member for eight years and said hearing of allegations that Cllr Wildman, Burton member, had been ‘composing election addresses’ “came as a shock”.

“I find it difficult to believe that a fellow member of the group (from which I have since resigned) would offer assistance to my opponent, and I trust that if these allegations are false Cllr Wildman will be taking the matter up with the Ombudsman.

I am somewhat surprised that he has not taken this course of action already,”

added Cllr Bryan.

Cllr Wildman strongly refuted claims he had composed election addresses, but said he had helped prepare a leaflet using a 2008 template as a favour to Cllr Lyndon Frayling, Byron’s brother.

“I didn’t think of the implications at the time and it went out of my mind. I’m not against Cllr David Bryan and did expect him to get my position on the cabinet.

“I didn’t do anything deliberately against Cllr Bryan and haven’t done anything illegal,” said Cllr Wildman.

The allegation appeared on a blog and Cllr Wildman said he had not complained as it was not widely read.