WHEN I read your item on the National Parks’ proposal to spend £72,000 on rebuilding the roundhouse at Castell Henllys, I looked at the top of the page to check that it was not April 1.

Then I realised that it was probably an instance of the “fake news” that Donald Trump keeps on complaining about. It simply cannot be true that it can cost that much to rebuild an Iron Age roundhouse.

The original £30,000 proposed is an unbelievable sum. The expertise that did the job in the first place is surely still there, if not in the present workforce, then in existing records.

As for the need to research into the methodology, it has been there for 30 years, and the whole story of the building must have been explained countless times by attendant staff, to both day trippers and serious students, who will have been doing their own research.

There cannot be any need for further research, nor for bringing in consultants.

Why should they know any more than the existing staff ?

Even less for imposing building regs. No-one is going to live there.

It is not a residence, but an exhibit. Can we come out of the clouds, please?