I AM forever told religion is on the decline and our churches and chapels are closing. Some of this I have to agree with, but if we dig deeper we will find that the decline is due to many reasons and I am pleased to say I do not agree that the decline is due to people turning away from our Christian belief.

It is due to other attractions that we did not have half a century ago. Boys will not go to Sunday school if they have a chance of a game of football or a trip to the seaside.

There are seven days in a week, but Sunday does appear to be the most convenient day for most things. The beach is there seven days of the week, the football pitch is also there. I believe and believe very strongly that religion is as old as civilisation and will remain for ever.

Our churches and chapels have been here or hundreds of years and I have to admit our services have altered very little. This is not a criticism of the present system and we should not bring in any changes unless we feel it is for the better. Statistics tell us that while only 25 per cent of our people attend church services while 75 per cent are prepared to admit that they are believers.

I enjoy my weekly services and feel sad that there are not more that do not feel the need to join me and I am saddened to think of what they are missing out on.

But what they have never had they do not miss. I pose the question, what can you and I as Christian worshippers do to get them to join us?

Our services may appear boring, uninteresting and do not appeal to the majority and I ask you what changes can we make to improve the Sunday attendances. You may not believe me but we Christian worshippers are good listeners and always open to suggestions. Why not join us on Sunday and tell us what you think – we are listening.

SIR ERIC HOWELLS Llandewi Velfrey