IS the rightwing Conservative coup of Westminster winning the 2019 GE going to lead to a de-regulated, polarised UK owned by and ruled not by an elected Government but merely a tool of ultra-rightwing US free-market think-tanks allied with the UK's own similar ones here?

America's umbrella organisation 'Atlas Network,' overseeing the US Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, The Cato Institute, etc, etc - largely funded by right-wing billionaires - teamed up with Conservative politicians and London-based partners Legatum Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs, Free Enterprise Group, etc, etc to help write the script for leaving the EU and what follows.

These US-UK collaborative organisations in this Atlas Network of 450 think-tanks and campaign groups are partners in a global coalition.

Their plans are about having the least government as possible 'interfering' with their massive profits - for those 'at the top'.

People like the US Koch Bros, magnates of fossil-fuel fame. These types of capitalists believe in 'crisis' bringing opportunity. Hence 'Hard Brexit' to skedaddle the UK (The City) away from EU anti-tax avoidance and corporate off-shore tax dodging legislation. This has been worked on for years ever since London got wind of the approaching EU regulation rollout.

This is all Hard Brexit is about.

'Get us free to take the whole place over Boris! And the NHS and anything else state-owned,’ i.e belonging to the people? Privatisation by stealth, bit by bit. As is happening already. Or has happened.

The smears against Jeremy Corbyn is part of their playbook because he personifies all they genuinely hate with a vengeance. Even including trying to claim Corbyn is an 'anti-Semite' as he has opposed racism of all kinds and the wars against 'foreigners' with oil and gas, and now lithium, in places like Bolivia with the second biggest global reserves.

The greedy maniacs of this world will take us to war yet again, even in space, make no mistake.

War profiteering is alive and, well, hugely profitable. Hence the bogey-men they need to whip folk up into war fever to invade, fight and destroy their countries for resource extraction and 'reconstruction'.

Jeremy Corbyn, like Aneurin Bevan did in his generation, has come along to challenge this disgusting, greedy, war-mad bunch of monied, privateer degenerates with 'another world is possible' they would have to share instead of own!

Those folk, not rich and even poor, who vote for both transatlantic blond buffoons representing this unbridled wealth will only have themselves to blame for what will follow.

And our generations to come will blame you too. Under this out-dated FPTP voting only two parties matter. Labour is our only hope for something different that post-WW2 Britain showed possible, thanks to the efforts of the likes of Aneurin Bevan, who these same types noted above hated too.


Pembroke Dock