AFTER the successful fundraising event in August, postponed from Easter, Radio Caroline North team up with Manx Radio once again on September 19 and 20.

Broadcasting from the Isle of Man on 1368khz AM MW the signal is strong in West Wales so dust off the old transistor - or valve- radio and tune in to music from the 1960s,70s and 80s from 10:30am on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday.

Hopefully the studios aboard the radio ship, Ross Revenge moored on the River Blackwater in Essex, will be used unless Covid-19 rules say otherwise.

Programmes will also be available on the Radio Caroline and Manx Radio web sites ,smart speakers,mobile phones as well as Radio Caroline's own MW frequency of 648 khz MW AM which has an improved signal into West Wales due to a different antenna being used at the transmitter site.

Tune into a week end of musical memories by presenters who are continuing to keep the Radio Caroline North dream alive.

Enjoy the weekend of radio as it should be in the UK.

Kevin Davies,

Simpson Cross