AN EARLY finish on a Friday could be on the cards for school pupils in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock.

Parents of children at Pembroke Dock Community School and Pembroke Comprehensive – soon to be known as Henry Tudor School – are being asked their views on potential changes to the school day.

Ysgol Harri Tudur/Henry Tudor School

Proposed changes for the new secondary school would see school hours extended to 8.30am every day, with Monday afternoons lengthened to 3.50pm.

Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday would see the school day end at 2.50pm, while Friday afternoons would finish at 1.20pm.

The school says an earlier finish time on Friday would “enable pupils, parents and staff to benefit from improved wellbeing though increased family time”.

“There would also be opportunities to benefit from long weekends to spend time with friends or engage with sport, hobbies and informal learning,” it adds.

Teaching staff would be given an extra two hours of professional development training every fortnight, and on alternate Fridays staff would benefit from “time for themselves in order to address their work life balance and wellbeing”.

If approved, the new hours would come into force in September.

Pembroke Dock Community School

The primary school's proposed new timetable would see the school day start at 8.45am, with staggered leaving times for different years from 3.10pm to 3.25pm.

Fridays would see the school day end at 12.40pm or 12.45pm – earlier if not staying for lunch.

Pupils unable to go home early on Fridays will be offered a "range of enrichment activities", and are currently being asked what they would like these to be.

The changes would not impact the current total weekly teaching time for each year group.

To comment on the community school proposals, click here before Tuesday, February 13, or contact the school for information on parent drop-in meeting times.

To have your say on the proposals for Ysgol Harri Tudur/Harry Tudor School in Pembroke, click here or email

A drop-in session will also take place between 4pm and 6pm on Monday, February 12, in the school hall.

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