A LIFESAVING device is now available 24/7 in the community of Llanstadwell.

Llanstadwell Community Council recently purchased a defibrillator, and have had it installed on the outside wall of the public conveniences at Hazelbeach.

A training session was held on January 30 to familiarise local people with the equipment, and was well-attended by councillors and members of the public.

The defibrillator is available 24 hours, seven days a week, and instructions on how to use it are displayed within the cabinet.

You do not need specialist training to use it, and the code to access the cabinet is also displayed on the outside.

Chairman Cllr Mike Howells said: "Llanstadwell Community Council is very aware of the risks when a person suffers a cardiac arrest and every second that passes waiting for an ambulance, their chances of survival decreases so its important to act quickly.

"With the number of residents and tourists in this area during the summer months we felt it was money well spent if we can save someone's life."