Pixie Lott is the latest celebrity to delve into their family history on the BBC's hit show Who Do You Think You Are?

The singer and songwriter has joined ranks with Comedian Josh Widdicombe and Dame Judi Dench as part of the programme's 18th series. 

Last week, we followed Comedian Joe Lycett's journey as he traced his family history.

The investigation took the former Sewing Bee host into the darkest parts of his family lineage to his two-times great-grandfather's life as a chimney sweep and Naval officer.


In tonight's episode, viewers will see Pixie Lott uncover the truth amid the rumours of her ancestry. 

Going into her investigation, the singer had believed that her grandfather was from Verona, in Italy.

Pixie had been telling people for years that her family was from the Romeo and Juliet town and that she was, therefore, part Italian.

However, it becomes clear fairly early on that this is not the case but she quickly brushes away her disappointment when she learns that she is descended from musicians. 

Pixie Lott's musical roots

Pixie found three generations of musicians on her mother’s side of the family during her genealogy journey.

Speaking about making the programme, she said: “I was extremely happy to find I have musicians in the family.

“I always thought I was the only one to do music as an occupation.

“It makes more sense now as to why I went into it myself.”

The singer added: “It was a once in a lifetime journey to go on, especially as my mum joined us too.

“Now we can pass the stories on to the next generation from our family and keep them alive.”

Pixie also makes some other incredible discoveries about her paternal great-grandfather Joseph who was a prisoner of war in Germany during the First World War.

Full Line up of Who Do You Think Are?

Series 18 of Who Do You Think You Are? continues with Pixie Lott tonight (Tuesday, November 9) on BBC One at 9pm.