Huw Edwards is set to step down from the BBC after an internal inquiry, reports claim.

Welsh journalist Edwards, who has been at the helm of significant political and royal events for the corporation, was named in July as the BBC presenter at the centre of allegations about payments to a young person for explicit images.

The Met Police said Edwards, 62, will not face any police action.

According to the I, insiders have leaked his plans to leave the corporation after decades of service. His departure will come after an internal inquiry was launched by the BBC.

Mr Edwards has remained silent since the allegations surfaced in the summer in a report by The Sun.

The results have not been publicly revealed, but it's understood Mr Edwards, a veteran broadcaster, has been in sit-down talks with bosses over his future at the corporation.

An insider, who claimed to have knowledge of these chats with BBC bosses, told the I that "we understand Huw is not coming back".

The 62-year-old denies all allegations against him.

A separate newsroom insider also told the I: "The review is in and unfortunately there isn’t a path back for Huw. There is no expectation he will return.”

It's understood talks are being conducted by Huw Edwards' lawyers and the BBC, and that any result from an investigation will not be publicly released.

"he wants to make clear he did nothing illegal"

Conversations are also reportedly underway to reach an agreement with Mr Edwards, who famously announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as to what archive footage the BBC will be able to use in future.

The experienced and celebrated journalist of three decades was best known for fronting the BBC News at Ten, which is Britain's most-watched news programme.

The I also reports claims from Edwards' co-workers, who say he "wants to make clear he did nothing illegal". 

His wife, Vicky Flind, was forced to issue a statement on his behalf after The Sun carried a front-page story containing the accusations, with no name attached to them.

She had said, at the time, that he was "suffering mental health issues" and had been in hospital.