A conservation charity is urging boat owners to treat the bottlenose dolphins, that seem to have returned to Fishguard Harbour, with respect.

Last summer there were regular sightings of the cetaceans within Fishguard Bay, delighting locals and tourists alike.

Mr Benson said that the bottlenoses appear to have returned to the harbour, but he is worried they will be scared off or harmed by inconsiderate users.

“Yesterday we saw a speedboat travelling fast out of the harbour which spotted two mothers with calves shot around them circling to try and get a better view,” said Mr Benson.

“The boat owners may have been unaware of the danger they posed to the dolphins, but we really need people to be aware of the fact it is a criminal offence to intentionally harass dolphins.

“Please, if you have a boat, do not chase the dolphins. Try and keep your speed down whilst entering and leaving the harbour,” he urged. “By chasing them, at very least, you will be making life difficult for them and at worst you might hit one or split up mothers from calves.

“If dolphins approach you to bowride or check you out, just keep a steady course and speed. They are much more likely to do so and give you a view if you do not scare them.”

Mr Benson added that, if the Dolphins got into a regular routine,Sea Trust would try and arrange to take parties out on the breakwater on Sundays, where they can be watched without any disturbance.

The charity will also be there on a daily basis, monitoring and photographing them and any boats that interfere with them.