Dyfed-Powys police has been informed after a boat owner harassed Fishguard Harbour's semi-resident dolphins last weekend.

On Saturday Sea Trust founder, Cliff Benson witnessed a "very serious case of dolphin harassment within the harbour". He added that the police had been notified.

This was the second incident within a week of people in boats chasing and harassing dolphins in and around Fishguard Harbour.

"We are sure this is due to ignorance of the law rather than wilful intention to harass protected animals," said Cliff.

"We are desperately keen to protect our marine wildlife and help people avoid falling foul of the law.

"These animals are protected and you can be fined, jailed or both for harassing them."

Cliff added that if dolphins are chased while in the harbour they can easily become disorientated and panic, leading to injury or even death. In one of the incidents the dolphins were accompanied by a small calf which could have got separated from its mother.

The Fishguard Harbour dolphins have been regular visitors to the harbour mouth over the last two years.

"Sea Trust's main objective is to protect these creatures," said Cliff. "If we see people acting in a way we believe will endanger them, we will photograph and film the offenders and report the incident.

"If you see dolphins actually in the harbour, Do not approach them. Give them a wide berth and continue on your way. When entering or exiting the harbour, keep your speed down

"If you see dolphins in the harbour mouth they are feeding and need to do so undisturbed. Pass by slowly and at a distance of at least a hundred metres.

"If the dolphins approach you or follow your boat out in the open sea that's fine. That's their choice but under no circumstances should you follow them."

Cliff added that it is possible to see the harbour dolphins from dry land by accompanying Sea Trust on one of their trips out onto the big breakwater.

"This is the safest and best way of seeing them," he added.

For more details visit Goodwick's Ocean Lab Ocean Lab, ring 01348 874737 visit whaleswales.blogspot.co.uk or email seatrustwales@gmail.com.