A strange sight was seen in the skies above Goodwick last week, captured by local resident Raymond Putterill.

Mr Putterill, 83, decided to take some pictures of the sunrise from his house in New Road on Friday, October 21.

He took some photos from downstairs and then a couple more from his bedroom at around 7.40 am.

Small holder Mr Putterrill then showed his efforts to his wife who noticed something odd in the upper right hand corner.

“It was a lovely sunrise so I decided to try and photograph it,” he said. “I initially thought there was an aeroplane in the shot. I enlarged the picture on my phone and up it came.

“My wife said ‘that’s not an aeroplane. She was amazed, everybody we’ve shown the picture to has been amazed.

Asked if he believed in UFOs the pensioner replied “I do now”.

“I think anything’s possible. I don’t believe we are the only living things in the universe.”