BOTTLED water for residents left without supply in north Pembrokeshire have arrived.

A delivery of water bottles was expected on Monday night, with Pembrokeshire County Council stepping in to help distribution, but the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water lorry failed to arrive.

Hundreds of residents in Croesgoch, St Davids, Mathry, Trefin and surrounding areas have been hit by problems with supply as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water faces problems with pipes across the UK.

Llanrhian county councillor Neil Prior said: “Thanks to everyone who turned out tonight to help with the water distribution, unfortunately Dwr Cymru's lorry didn't make it past Swansea!!! But we will try again!

“Thank you to everyone who turned up tonight, thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, and thanks also to PCC staff who were ready and waiting in the depot and will be there first thing in the morning to help Dwr Cymru provide us with water.”

Cllr Prior uploaded pictures of the delivery arriving in Croesgoch this morning which would be shared with Porthgain and Trefin.

He added that another delivery was expected and he encouraged anyone affected to come along.