CALLING all storm chasers - a suspected tornado has been spotted in the skies above Pembrokeshire.

A Pembrokeshire man captured the 'twister' on video in the skies above Neyland around 1.15pm today (Monday).

Martin Wilcox shared the video on Facebook this lunchtime.

The footage shows a whispy column of grey cloud, starting on the horizon and leading upwards.

It was shot from Sinclair Audi in Neyland, where Mr Wilcox works.

Another video, by Simon Newton, shows the view of the phenomena from Carew.

It is thought the 'twister' could be a minor whirlwind, a funnel cloud, or a so-called 'dust devil'.

Dust devils involve a vertically oriented rotating column of wind, but are usually harmless, and rarely match the scale of larger tornadoes  - which are usually associated with thunderstorms.

A funnel cloud is a cone-shaped cloud which extends from the base of a cloud towards the ground without actually reaching the surface.

For photos of the 'Pembrokeshire twister', click to view the gallery above.

Have you spotted the Pembrokeshire 'twister'?

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