BROAD Haven carnival has been cancelled for 2018, due to a lack of local support.

Efforts to form a new carnival committee for the Havens Carnival collapsed this week, forcing the event to be called off.

Outgoing Chairman Les Reohorn said: “The old carnival committee resigned their cfficer roles, as required at the AGM,and none stood for re-election.

"No volunteers have come forward since, and as the proposed carnival date of July 28 was speeding towards us we had to make a decision, regretfully, we had to cancel.”

Raising thousands of pounds over the years, many local organisations have benefited, including Broad Haven school, playgroup, village hall, boardwalk and slashpond, fireworks night, with donations also towards festive lights, amenities in Little Haven, and the Coastguard and RNLI.

New goalposts for children were installed and pitch-side advertising facility at the football club field.

Added Mr Reohorn: ”The Havens Carnival has always enjoyed the support of local sponsors and businesses and over 40 volunteers on the day and special thanks and appreciation goes out to each and every one of them.”

One resident said: “It’s a shame but maybe the community need to miss it before they realise all the good it did and what fun it was!”

The old crew is still willing to help with future Carnivals; offering their experience, guidance, equipment and carnival paraphernalia.

But they want to transfer the responsibility of the event to a new, vibrant generation, to ensure the longevity of the wonderful community experience.

Still hoping to rally recruits and assess interest it is intended to hold a public meeting in the Havens sometime after Christmas 2018.

In the meantime, the Committee approved that the remaining funds and assets will continue to be held by the existing signatories of the bank accounts and released to a new Committee when it is formed.

Anyone with an enquiry or volunteers wishing to present Havens Carnival 2019 should click here or email