MEMBERS of Pembrokeshire WASPI (Women against State Pension Inequality) joined hundreds of others to demonstrate in London’s Parliament Square last Wednesday (October 10).

Traffic was halted for an hour and a half by thousands of women protesting against pension inequality.

The Pembrokeshire contingent, part of the WASPI, Backto60 and WePaidInYouPayOut campaigns, said they were not met in Parliament by either Stephen Crabb, nor Simon Hart.

“Millions of women have been left in financial difficulties and even destitution because of a lack of, or in many cases, no information, regarding the change to the state pension age,” said a WASPI spokeswoman.

“3.8 million women have been forced to wait up to an extra six years to draw their pensions, 7000 women are affected across Pembrokeshire alone."

Sophie Walker, the leader of the Women’s Equality Party, attended the march along with many MPs, politicians and campaigners.

“The changes to the state pension age were a cynical exercise by both a Tory and a coalition government to raise £30bn from 3.8 million women” she said.

Local Organiser, Jackie Gilderdale, added:

“It is critical for every 1950s woman to complete the DWP complaints process, in relation to the maladministration which has occurred.

“With the judicial review, led by Michael Mansfield QC imminent and the parliamentary ombudsman now investigating for maladministration, the fight for justice and a solution, is closer now than ever”.

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