A STUDENT from Llangwm has started the first year of his degree with a financial boost due to a major Pembrokeshire employer.

Following his A Level results, Will Cahill - a pupil of the former Tasker Milward School - is embarking on a four year Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering, including a year in industry at Imperial College London.

Will was one of many local students to apply for South Hook LNG’s annual Scholarship Award which along with a written application involved giving a presentation as to future career aspirations.

“Yet again, the quality of the applications that we received was hugely impressive,” said South Hook LNG’s General Manager, Hamad Al Samra.

“We are pleased to be offering the Award to Will, who not only demonstrates his commitment to learning through outstanding A Level results, but a strong passion for his chosen subject and the role that Chemical Engineering plays within the energy sector.”

Will’s interest in Chemical Engineering began at a young age.

“I have always been interested in how things worked and where our everyday items that we take for granted come from,” he said.

“Chemical Engineering is the perfect balance between problem solving and creativity so I am inspired to pursue a degree in the subject.”

South Hook LNG’s Scholarship Programme encourages applications from local students seeking higher education in engineering, science or business related disciplines.

Details for how to apply to the 2019 Programme will be available on the Company’s website next year.