A SPECIAL meeting to discuss giving extra £13,000 of funding to Pembroke Dock's Pater Hall will be held on Thursday, December 6.

Pembroke Dock town councillor Phil Gwyther has put forward five motions to a special meeting of the council, each covering an aspect of funding or supporting the Pater Hall Community Trust.

The town council and the Trust have been linked since the Pater Hall Trust was set up in 2004-05, when the trust gained charitable status, with five members of the town council serving on the Trust.

Motion one covers a request from Don Esmond, officer of the Pater Hall trust, for £4,000 “to secure the financial position” of the trust.

The second motion requests that a sum of £4,000 be put into the budget each year as a financial support for running costs of the hall.

In the agenda, Cllr Gwyther said: “This is to keep faith with the assurances given to the charity commissioners and the trust itself, by this council when we created the trust, that the running costs of the hall would be supported on an annual basis.

He added: “In return, the council will encourage and support the Trust to seek out further grant aid to keep up a programme of building improvements at the hall, which was always the long-term goal of the council and trust.”

Motion three asks for a further £5,000 for building and heating improvements, this would be released from a £14,000 ring-fenced budget allocated to the trust.

Motion four suggests a new joint committee be set up, with a review of the previous committee “to learn from mistakes”.

Finally, Cllr Gwyther suggested a new service level agreement, after the last one was scrapped by the council.

The meeting takes place at the town council offices, Dimond Street, at 6.30pm.