A SECOND World War glider pilot, who took to the skies for the last time earlier this year, has died aged 95.

Ian Kerr-Bonner made national news in June, when his determination to bid farewell to a former comrade saw him board a Gazelle Squadron helicopter bound for Kent.

Despite two broken hips, Ian was determined to make the trip to say goodbye to his buddy of 70 years Des Page.

Ian and Des both served as glider pilots during the Battle of Arnhem.

Members of this elite unit risked their lives flying wooden assault gliders into occupied territory, and once on the ground were expected to go into battle with the troops.

Des came under fire during his first landing as part of Operation Market Garden, but escaped to safety by swimming the Rhine river.

Ian was not so lucky.

He was taken prisoner of war and condemned to undertake a three-month ‘death march’ across Germany before finding freedom.

He weighed just six stone at the end.

Speaking of his friend's death in May, Ian said: "We always said we would cross the final bridge together but it wasn’t to be."

His daughter Fiona Elliot, also from Cresswell Quay, said the trip "did so much" for her father.

"He had no regrets," she said. "He had a really full life right to the end, and was just so thankful for everything."

Ian died on Monday, November 26, less than six months after his buddy.

His funeral will take place at noon on Monday, December 10, and a traditional bagpiper will play at a service of commemoration at St Caradog Church, Lawrenny.