A CCTV camera system could be installed at Fishguard and Goodwick community fridge, after the fridge was vandalised for the second time last Saturday, December 1.

The food donation fridge is part of an established network of successful community fridges around the UK and the was the first of its kind in Wales. It runs on basis that anyone can donate and anyone can take.

In just ten months five tonnes of food has been saved from landfill, equalling a carbon saving of 20 tonnes.

Volunteers who open and close the facility at Fishguard's Gateway Hub went to close up on Saturday and found two kilos of salt and dozens if individual UHT milk portions thrown over the floor of the shed where the fridge is housed.

The vandalism is understood to have happened between 2.15pm and 3.45on Saturday and police have been informed.

The fridge was also vandalised last September, when apples and pastries were thrown around the surrounding car park, produce was thrown on the floor, the drawers inside the shed had been rifled through and an attempt made to steal the donations box.

There were child-sized bite marks on the apples and pastries thrown around the car park.

The volunteers who run the fridge are now looking at the possibility of installing CCTV cameras overlooking the fridge.

"We need to keep the fridge open - but if the only way to do it is to install a camera - what about it?" fridge manager, Lesley Matthews posted on the facility's Facebook page.

"We know it's probably only one or two people on a Saturday - so let's show them we care."

Since the initial post offers have come flooding in of help both to pay for and install the CCTV cameras and the possibility of crowdfunding a camera is being explored.

Anybody with information about the most recent vandalism at Fishguard and Goodwick community fridge, should contact Dyfed-Powys Police on 101.