FACING the stigma of talking about death is the focus of a new project which a Pembrokeshire art organisation is beginning.

Span Arts’ new digital project aims to build a tool which helps people with an experience of losing a loved one, living with terminal illness, or approaching the end of a long life.

The arts organisation is not sure what that tool will look like and are asking the people of Pembrokeshire to get involved and make it theirs.

“Western culture ignores death until it’s right on our doorstep and there is little space to bring it into our everyday lives,” Span said in its announcement on the new project.

“Our culture is so focused on growth that we often ignore or deny death, even though it is the one certainty that everyone will face.”

From January to March 2019 Span Arts will be working with Pembrokeshire-born artist, illustrator and animator Gemma Green Hope as well as app maker Owen Davis and numerous individuals, community and support groups in the area.

There will be public workshops at Span Arts on Saturday, January 26 and Saturda, February 23, 10am-1pm which anyone can come to.

Span is also looking for six people to work with Gemma to create their own memorial animations.

Span Arts is looking for anybody who has been affected by death to get involved in this project either as a participant or a volunteer.

Span wants to hear from:

• People with a terminal diagnosis and their families

• Older people over the age of 65 who wish to prepare for their own deaths

• People who are at risk of dying alone

• Anyone who has experienced a bereavement

• Healthcare and palliative care professionals

• People interested in volunteering

Span has received £4,850 of extra funding from PAVS Caring Communities Innovation Grant for the project.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Rowan Matthiessen on 01834869323 or email rowan@span-arts.org.uk