UP to £26,000 worth of drugs were seized by police on Pembrokeshire roads in 2018, figures posted on by Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit (Pembs RPU) have stated.

Posting on Twitter, Pembs RPU figures for 2018, stated more than 1.2 kilograms of cannabis and 140g of cocaine/heroin had been seized, with a total ‘street value’ of up to £26,000.

Based on previously-published figures the cocaine/heroin seized could have a street value of between £5,600 and £14,000; the cannabis having a street value of £12,000.

2018 also saw 109 drink-drive or drug-drive arrests, 14 disqualified driver arrests, 237 uninsured drivers dealt with, and 31 drug-related arrests.

2018 also saw more than 50 drug crimes recorded, and more than 1,600 traffic offence reports or driver warnings issued.

In two years, “in excess” of 475 uninsured vehicles had been dealt with, Pembs RPU has said.

Figures posted for December 2018 included one dangerous driver arrest, nine drink-driver arrests, two drug-driver arrests, two controlled drug possession with intent to supply arrests, two assault arrests, one disqualified driver dealt with, 22 uninsured vehicles dealt with, 11 untaxed vehicles, more than £1,000 of controlled drugs seized, and one cloned/stolen motorcycle seized.