A MAN has been jailed today, January 7, after head-butting a student during a violent confrontation with her father.

Adrian Martin Rees, aged 41, was also jailed for 18 months for assaulting a police officer who tried to end his rampage.

Rees admitted affray, possessing two knives in a public place, using a two-pronged fork as a weapon and assaulting police officer Richard Mason in his role as an emergency worker.

Robin Rouch, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court how Rees had been brought up by, but never adopted by, Darren Quimby in Haverfordwest.

Their relationship deteriorated, and on one occasion 53-year-old Mr Quimby, who was suffering from cancer, had to call the police to get Rees out of his car.

On November 16 of last year Mr Quimby had been driving in Scotchwell View, Haverfordwest, with his student daughter Kiara when they spotted Rees, who waved them down.

Mr Rouch said there was then a violent confrontation during which Rees lunged at Mr Quimby with the fork and tried to drag him out of the car.

Miss Quimby intervened, only to be head-butted in the face by Rees.

Mr Quimby drove off but was followed by Rees, who struck his car with the fork several times, until he used the vehicle to knock Rees out of the way.

By then the police had been called, and officers asked Rees if he was carrying any weapons.

He produced the fork and two knives and became agitated when told he would by handcuffed and searched.

Rees, now of Andrew Street, Llanelli, tried to head ‘butt PC Mason, who had to use CS spray to subdue him.

Judge Keith Thomas said it was a thoroughly unpleasant series of attacks.

The carrying of knives, he added, was causing the courts grave concerns.

Judge Thomas issued a restraining order banning Rees from Aberystwyth for three years to allow Miss Quimby to complete her university studies.