PLANS to transform one of Pembrokeshire's most iconic military buildings into a rehabilitation camp for veterans have been announced.

Camp Valour community interest company (CIC) has outlined its vision to buy Hubberston Fort in Milford Haven, and open a 'world first' military-based residential camp for former service men and women.

Camp Valour describes itself as a non-profit organisation, formed in 2018, which is fundraising to buy the landmark from its current owners the Port of Milford Haven.

The aim, it says, is to provide safe, secure accommodation to veterans, advice on benefits and housing, access to health services and employment skills, to ease their transition back into non-Forces life.

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It will be "a haven of normality and comradeship" that allows veteran to gain support from relevant services "whilst also having the opportunity to process their own thoughts and feelings in a safe environment that will not be judging them or failing to understand what they are struggling to cope with".

On its website, Camp Valour says veterans struggle with mental health, physical illness or injury, and many end up homeless.

"After the security of the barracks, if personnel have been unable to secure accommodation, a couch to sleep on or a friend or family member to stay with, then many have no place to turn to and have no address that will allow them to gain benefits or apply for property pools," it says.

"Camp Valour will tackle all of these issues, head-on, with the support of partnerships who are experienced with working in these fields."