A SPECIALIST youth club in Fishguard could face closure unless more children and young people make use of it.

Trinity Project provides specialist youth clubs in Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock and Fishguard for young people aged five to 18 who have additional learning needs or disabilities

The Fishguard club runs every other Saturday between, 10.30 and 12.30, and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including card games, modelling clay, darts, board games, arts and crafts, indoor skittles, building blocks, computer play, dance and music, a water table and football.

The project's dedicated play workers work alongside volunteers to provide the young people with a chance to do their own thing, while offering parents and carers the valuable opportunity to leave their kids in safe hands and do just the same.

Each club is supported by experienced play work coordinators who manage and deliver each session.

The Fishguard club needs more children to attend in order to remain sustainable and could face closure if numbers remain low.

"We don't want to close the Fishguard provision," said Kelly John who co-ordinates the project. "But it is under threat of closure if there's no more uptake. I know there are children in the area who would really benefit from our club."

The club has dedicated play workers who help build friendships, deliver a real sense of belonging and provide lots of fun while allowing parents a few hours respite on a weekend.

Rhiannon Barnett's two sons attend the project's youth club in Fishguard.

"It would be a sad loss to Fishguard to lose the Trinity Project," she said. "

"The boys absolutely love the club in Fishguard I'm amazed it's not better attended. Club staff are trained to tend to their needs, and they have so much fun they play games, sports and cook.

There are few places I'd be happy to leave them, but I'm completely comfortable leaving them there. They are always happy when we collect them, they would be really upset if it closed.

"I'm sure I speak for many families who use the service in saying, it provides us as parent carers the opportunity to have a short break every fortnight.

"Personally, we use this time to tend to our own needs and wellbeing and puts us in good stead to continue giving the children our optimum support.

"I really hope parents in the Fishguard area with a child with additional needs give it a try. It's a great inclusive club, with fresh ideas and activities to suit all."

To find out more about the Trinity project, contact Kelly John on 01437 774658 or e-mail Kelly.john@pembrokeshire.gov.uk.