PROTESTERS gathered at the entrance to a Pembroke Dock farm this afternoon, from which more than 200 animals were rescued last month.

Pembroke and Pembroke Dock residents are concerned animals may still be at the Bramble Hall Farm site, and may be at risk.

Around 100 people, flanked by 14 police officers, demonstrated outside the Ferry Lane property this afternoon (Friday).

Our reporter George Thompson was at the protest.

Summing up the mood of the crowd, he said: "There's anger and frustration, especially at the RSPCA, that people's concerns have been ignored for so long.

"Locals want the police and council to investigate and take any other animals still here away."

In a two-day operation at the end of January, 215 animals were rescued from the farm, which has been connected with an alleged illegal slaughterhouse.

Initially around 50 dogs were rescued, with Dogs Trust teams working with police and council employees on the site.

It later emerged that horses, goats, pigs and a donkey also had to be rescued by animal welfare officers.

Cllr Pearl Llewelyn, local member for Monkton, was among protesters there today.

"I’m here to support the public," she said.

"I’ve been very concerned about what has been going on down here for the last few years.

"The animals were in a terrible state," she said. "They are in my thoughts first and foremost.

"I think what’s been going on down here is diabolical."

Head of environment and public protection at Pembrokeshire County Council, Richard Brown, said there was "no ban on keeping animals" on the site, despite last month's discoveries.

He said there were two dogs left on the farm, which were "quite elderly and in good condition".

"Pending any legal proceedings we have no powers and there are no reasons why animals can't be on site," he said.

He added that the council was doing everything within its powers to investigate allegations and monitor the situation.

He said only a court could impose a ban on keeping animals.

Milford Mercury: PICTURE: Western TelegraphPICTURE: Western Telegraph

Milford Mercury: Protesters at Bramble Hall Farm. PICTURE: Western TelegraphProtesters at Bramble Hall Farm. PICTURE: Western Telegraph

Milford Mercury: Members of the crowd said concerns over animal safety had been raised many times before anything was done. PICTURE: Martin CavaneyMembers of the crowd said concerns over animal safety had been raised many times before anything was done. PICTURE: Martin Cavaney