An investigation has been launched following a “sludge” spill in Fishguard Harbour last Friday.

Stena Line confirmed that its vessel the Stena Nordica, which is currently standing in for the Europa, released around 100 litres of bilge/ sludge water while it was anchored in port on Friday.

Two RHIBs (rigid hulled inflatable boats) were used to deal with the spill and a trawler was seen in the bay doing the same.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency was notified of the spillage and has launched its own investigation. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) also dealt wit the incident, which it reported as an oil spill.

NRW said action was taken to contain the spill but initial observations suggested that the tide and strong winds contained much of the pollution in a small area of the harbour.

Stena said that the quay wall and ferry berth both appeared clear of the spill With a small amount of residual spillage, contained along the North (big) Breakwater.

Samples have been taken from this and are currently being analysed.

“Stena Line can confirm that on Fri, March 15, the Captain of the Stena Nordica reported that an estimated 100 litres of bilge/sludge water escaped from the vessel while it was moored in Fishguard Port,” said a Stena Line spokesman.

“The quantity of accidental discharge did not warrant the deployment of a boom, however, in line with accepted Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) procedures, two ribs were deployed to propwash the immediate area.

“The quay wall and ferry berth areas both appear clear. A small amount of residual spillage has been contained along the North Breakwater and samples from it are currently being analysed.

“Stena Line is currently working closely with all the statutory agencies, including the MCA on a ‘containment and clean-up operation’ and has launched its own internal investigation into the cause of the incident.”